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His public confession of alcohol and sex addiction has somehow recovered his career. Young Miley Cyrus is always up for controversial conversation… Her Vanity Fair shoot in which she donned a single white sheet was definitely way too mature for the Disney channel star.

How to Turn Bad Publicity into Good Publicity

Sister like sister? While the public was in shock, all she had to say was that she was happy and plans on getting married in the near future to Alrdridge. Budget cuts prove hard times, especially when the post had to cut someone as legendary as Smith. Jude Law and Samantha Burke….

Truth Is Stranger Than Publicity by Alton Delmore

Winona Ryder steals from Saks…. Can you recall the last time Ryder graced the silver screen since ? Neither can we. Martha Stewart goes to jail….

See a Problem?

Shock and awe come to mind when recalling this case. Ashlee Simpson on SNL ….

Talk about some serious public humiliation: Ashlee Simpson is caught lip synching on SNL , causing her already unfortunate career to fizzle out. Who can forget the infamous video of a passenger being bloodied and dragged from a United Airlines plane? Of course the entire incident was caught on video and immediately went viral.

The high-tech juice machine startup looked like a promising new company, but was quickly snuffed out by some bad press, and a very ill-advised attempt at damage control.

The Delmore Brothers - First Song, The Book Of Revelation

Two Bloomberg reporters demonstrated that they could squeeze the bags with their hands to produce almost the same amount of juice in less time. Their investors and early adopters felt duped.

By James Harkin

The company announced it was shutting down in September after just 16 months in operation. On the other hand, there are brands that have made feel-good press their bread and butter, and it has paid off far more than any negative publicity could.

For truly lasting success, follow in the footsteps of these brands instead of falling prey to the short-lived, flash-in-the-pan, viral success that so many brands seem to pursue today. Article by Carly Martinetti. Martinetti is the partner and managing director at Press Friendly , a startup that helps startups tell their story. Facebook Twitter Feedburner.

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