Manual Topological and Asymptotic Aspects of Group Theory

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Log In New account. Got to Shopping Cart. A group is a mathematical object encoding natural notions of symmetries and transformations.

Geometric group theory is an area in mathematics devoted to the study of discrete groups by exploring connections between algebraic properties of such groups and topological and geometric properties of spaces on which these groups act. As a distinct area, geometric group theory is relatively new, and became an identifiable branch of mathematics in the early s. Geometric group theory closely interacts with low-dimensional topology, hyperbolic geometry, Lie groups and homogeneous spaces, algebraic topology, computational group theory, and differential geometry.

There are also substantial connections with complexity theory, mathematical logic, dynamical systems, probability theory, K-theory, and other areas of mathematics.

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Nowadays, geometric group theory is a very active and competitive area of research, as shown by the many conferences in the field but also several special programs such as an IHP program in , a jumbo MSRI program in and a program at the Newton Institute in to name a few. We will choose a few important trends in geometric group theory and teach those to graduate students across mathematical fields, so that young people in several areas of mathematics such as algebra, geometry, dynamics, or topology have some basics to either understand a few problems in geometric group theory, or use geometric group theory methods in their respective fields.

Geometric group theory is a very broad area, and we will mainly focus on geometric aspects. Some limited amount of additional funds will be available for special circumstances.

Group Theory, Measure, and Asymptotic Invariants

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Aspects of Geometric Group Theory. Overview Programme Exercises 1 - Y. Benoist Exercises 2 - F.

Dahmani Exercices 3 - K. Vogtmann Exercices 4 - A. Wienhard Exercices 5 - G.

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Walsh Exercices 6 - Y. Minsky Exercices 7 - K. Vogtmann Exercices 8 - A.

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