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In seven episodes, The Unvanquished recounts the ordeals and triumphs of the Sartoris family during and after the Civil War as seen through the maturing consciousness of young Bayard Sartoris. The indomitable Granny Millard, the honor-driven patriarch Colonel Sartoris, the quick-witted and inventive Ringo, the ferociously heroic Drusilla, and the scheming, mendacious Ab Snopes embody the inheritance that Bayard must reconcile with a new, but diminished, South. If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem published in as The Wild Palms tells of desperate lovers fleeing convention and of a convict escaping the chaos of passion.

Here are Ike Snopes, in love with a cow, the sexual adventures of Eula Varner Snopes, and the wild saturnalia of the spotted horses auction, a comic masterpiece. After crossing, the soldiers hurry to destroy the bridge so the people who have followed them to freedom will be unable cross. The Sartoris wagon gets pushed into the river, and the four travelers make it to the other side, where the Yankee troops are now stationed.

Granny asks to speak with Colonel Dick. She asks for the return of her mules, her trunk, and Loosh and Philadelphy.

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Colonel Dick gives Granny a written statement from the commanding general dated August 14, , that validates the return of 10 chests, mules, and former slaves who are following the troops. The document allows them to pass safely through any Yankee troops they might encounter and also to petition them for food during the journey home. The story continues with episodes featuring Granny and Drusilla. The differences between the traditions of the Sartorises and other established families and entrepreneurs like Ab Snopes the Snopes family is explored in detail in the three novels known as The Snopes Trilogy are highlighted.

These and the previous stories also emphasize the tension between the cultures of the established Southerners and marauders, many of whom were Yankees. About eight years later, Bayard is in his third year studying law in Oxford, Mississippi. Ringo comes to him to report that John Sartoris has been killed by his rival, Ben Redmond. Bayard realizes that killing is not a satisfactory solution.

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Determined neither to kill again nor to be a coward, he goes to Jefferson the next day to meet Redmond unarmed. Redmond shoots twice, intentionally missing Bayard, and leaves town. Bayard returns home and finds that Drusilla has gone to live with her brother but has left behind a sprig of verbena for him.

The Unvanquished provides a view of the Civil War and some of its consequences from the perspective of young Bayard and his extended family. It is a serious assessment of the Southern legend, and a declaration of independence from the past. The characters are deftly portrayed and the stories well-told. As the story begins, Bayard's father John is off leading Confederate troops in battle. John's mother-in-law, known to all as Granny, is managing the homeplace. Vicksburg has fallen to Grant's beseiging army, and at least one of the family's slaves is envisioning the fall of the entire Confederacy.

While Col. John is resisting the Union with fire and sword, Granny, Bayard, and his black friend Ringo resist with a nifty grift. Who would believe this whisp of a woman could harbor such gile? But Granny attempts to do business with a small band of rebel deserters who are pilaging and terrorising the region, and she's murdered.

Bayard and Ringo relentlessly track the gang until the murderer is released to them. They have their revenge.

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When the war ends, the colonel returns home to rebuild. He thwarts northern schemers who endeavor to install former slaves in the local government. With a business partner, he develops a railroad. The partnership sours, and Bayard leaves college to avenge his father. The theme, to my mind, is resistence to suppression. These southerners refuse to be vanquished, by the Union army, by thieves and marauders, by corrupt politicans, by death, even by tradition and convention. He died in The "Corrected Text" editions are now considered the "standard" accepted versions of Faulkner as Faulkner intended his works to be read. Thank you, Mike--both for the very interesting detail and for your prompt response! It looks like I picked the right edition.

My library copy should arrive by Monday or so and I'm looking forward to the group read :. Hana wrote: "Thank you, Mike--both for the very interesting detail and for your prompt response! My library copy should arrive by Monday or so and I'm looking forward t I'm about to put up the May books on The Trail. I think this topic will be good to lead in to The Unvanquished. I've read most of Faulkner, but never read this one.

I will. I'll try the same edition. Jun 06, PM. I have not read this particular one of Faulkner's. I need to procure a copy soon! Jun 07, AM. I've read it since that last post and it is my favorite Faulkner. Thanks, Mike, for the heads up that returned me to this particular work of his.

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Jul 24, PM. I have a copy now!

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Now to read it! Jul 25, AM. Gary wrote: "I have a copy now!

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  • This is most enjoyable. I'm far behind in reviews. And this one is not complete. Perhaps your comment will spur me on. Faulkner's Civil War is most uncivil. The war's impact on noncombatants is front and center. The "Glory" is off the page.