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The Hausa Language

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Since Nigeria received its independence in , the government has built many schools and universities. A majority of Hausa children, especially in urban areas, are now able to attend school, at least at the primary level. Music and art play are important in everyday life. From a young age, Hausa children participate in dances, which are held in meeting places such as the market.

Hausa language

Work songs often accompany activities in the rural areas and in the markets. Praise-singers sing about community histories, leaders, and other prominent individuals. Storytelling, local dramas, and musical performances are also common forms of traditional entertainment. Hausa society has a strong division of labor according to age and sex.

The main activity in the towns is trade; in rural areas, it is agriculture. Many Hausa men have more than one occupation. In the towns and cities, they may have formal jobs, such as teaching or government work, and engage in trade on the side. In rural areas, they farm and also engage in trade or crafts.

Some Hausa are full-time traders with shops or market stalls. Many Hausa are full-time Islamic scholars. Hausa women earn money by processing, cooking, and selling food.

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They also sell cloth scraps, pots, medicines, vegetable oils, and other small items. Since women are generally secluded according to Islamic law, their children or servants go to other houses or the market on their behalf. Both wrestling koko and boxing dumb are popular traditional sports among the Hausa. Matches take place in arenas or markets, often on religious holidays. Music, particularly drumming, accompanies the competition. Opponents wrestle until one is thrown to the ground. Boxers fight until one is either brought to his knees or falls flat on the ground.

Soccer is the most popular modern competitive sport, and is considered the national sport of Nigeria. Musicians perform at weddings, naming ceremonies, and parties, as well as during Islamic holidays. Today, Western forms of entertainment are popular. Hausa listen to Western music, including rap and reggae, and view American and British television programs.

Many have stereos, televisions, and VCRs in their homes. Hausa are well known for their craftsmanship. There are leather tanners and leather-workers, weavers, carvers and sculptors, ironworkers and blacksmiths, silver workers, potters, dyers, tailors, and embroiderers.

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Their wares are sold in markets throughout west Africa. Poverty is widespread among the Hausa. Poverty results in poor nutrition and diet, illness and inadequate health care, and lack of educational opportunities. Most of the region where the Hausa live is prone to drought. Hausa people suffer during harsh weather.

Dictionary of the Hausa language

Some Hausa have been unable to earn a living in rural areas, and have moved to the cities in search of work. Coles, Catherine, and Beverly Mack. Hausa Women in the Twentieth Century. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, Koslow, Philip. Hausaland: The Fortress Kingdoms. Kingdoms of Africa. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, Smith, Mary.

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