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Join us for lunch and buy some raffle tickets! Northwest summers are a time when gardens are growing, kids are splashing in pools, and Eugene feels like it slows down a little bit. July is also the time when we discount all beer, cider and mead for two days. We'll have food and beer demos during those two days.

All of the proceeds from our barbecue and ice cream social will be donated to to Cascades Raptor Center. The Cascades Raptor Center will be here with some fun activities for kids and volunteers who will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about the great work they do. Burgers, beer demos and birds are a winning combination for Oregon summer! Wednesday, 24 May Spring in the Produce Department Spring has finally sprung, and we are starting to see some evidence in our Produce Department.

We have some beautiful nectarines, and a nice supply of pluots. Both of these gems are delicious eaten out of hand, but they are also a nice sweet accent when cut up into a green salad. You could create an elegant cheese plate with a soft cheese, some slices of nectarine, a drizzle of honey and some nuts. If you are a little more ambitious, stone fruit is a lovely addition to two classic and easy baked goods--the upside down cake and the galette.

A galette is a free form one crust pie. This recipe from Smitten Kitchen features the winning combination of nectarines and almonds in a fairly fuss free preparation. While we usually hear about pineapple upside down cakes, this medium is very flexible. From apples to nectarines to berries, the upside down cake is always delicious.

Here's a nice recipe that gives clear directions for any fruit. However you enjoy them, nectarines and their fellow stone fruit are a sure sign that spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner. In addition to soaps, shampoos, and conditioners, you'll find henna, tooth care, lotions, lip balms, cruelty free cosmetics, sun blocks, deodorants, healing oinments, insect repellents, and more.

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This is a great time to stock up on your favorites! There's a lot to be excited about when you think about local foods here in the Willamette Valley. We have great land and creative and hard working people who have a strong vision of how to eat in a way that benefits us and our environment. While we appreciate the bounty of Oregon every day, we set aside two days in May to make our local foods industry the star of our show. We'll have over twenty demos going over those two days, allowing you to try granola, chai, mead, vanilla, yogurt, cider, grilled vegetables, beer, and a wide variety of other items grown or crafted right here in the Willamette Valley.

It's time again for our spring raffle that culminates in the annual Capella Market Food Fair!

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This sturdy tool has ten speeds and five hundred and ninety watts to make all your baking a snap. Unlike some Kitchenaid mixers, the bowl-lift means that you don't have to worry as much about lower hanging upper cabinets getting in the way. Until a person has a stand mixer, it might be hard to imagine why anyone would ever want one.

Often counter space is precious, so we make due with lighter weight and weaker hand mixers until the going gets too tough and we turn to elbow grease to mix those heavier doughs. If you had one of the best mixers made, how would it change the way you interact with your kitchen? Would you try things you have always wanted to do but never felt that you had the energy or the time?

With such a powerful machine, kneading bread dough is no longer the time consuming and arm exhausting task that it once was. Egg whites billow in no time, cakes are lighter and airier, bread has a delicious chew. Your grandmother's fudge recipe that calls for a half an hour of vigorous beating is no longer out of reach when there are watts and 10 speeds at your disposal. The drawing will be held on Saturday, May 13th at We are proud of our bulk selection, where we make available many flours, beans, grains, coffees and teas, herbs and spices, granolas, fruits, and nuts.

With offerings from Hummingbird Wholesale, Glorybee Foods, Mountain Rose Herbs, Grizzly Granola and many others, the Capella Market bulk aisles allow customers to shop a wide array of local and other high quality foods sourced through local producers. Often the items in our bulk bins are fresher than many packaged goods.

They are cheaper because companies don't have to pay for packaging, and one can buy exactly the quantity needed. This year, we are introducing pint and quart size glass jars with lids featuring the Capella Market logo. Wednesday, 15 March Annual Wine Sale and Capella Market's Birthday Once a year around our birthday, we give our customers the gift of a wine sale.

On Friday we'll have food demos starting at noon and wine tastings starting at two and going to seven. On Saturday we'll have birthday cake and wine tastings starting at noon and food and wine demos going until seven. Please join us and help us celebrate great wine and twelve years of Capella Market! It's easy to love an organization that gets kids into gardens and fruit and vegetables into kids.

The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food

What you might not know is that School Garden Project is delivering science education to participating schools in a way that is effective, exciting, and doesn't increase the workload on teachers. School Garden Project supports schools in several different ways. In their partner schools, volunteers come in to do ten hours of garden education with a specific grade usually two to three classrooms.

The gardens become living laboratories where project based learning allows students to make connections between what they are learning in books and the world around them. Even in schools that aren't partner schools, School Garden Project makes curriculum, garden design, and school specific manuals available so that schools can work on projects such as creating their own gardens, composting, and more. Science education, good nutrition, time outside and learning while having fun are a recipe for success. All that good work takes money, though, so we are raffling off a Vitamix blender to benefit School Garden Project.

The drawing will be held during our annual Wine Sale on Saturday, March 18th. Between ice storms, blizzards, a vicious flu season and everything else, what's really needed is a dose of sunshine. While we can't count on that in our neck of the woods, we can count an excellent supply of edible sunshine in the form of citrus fruits.

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Whether Pomelo or tangerine, these fruits pack a sweet and sometimes acidic punch of vitamin C. A quick glance around the Produce department this morning revealed twenty five different citrus fruits. We carry the work a day juice oranges, the beautifully colored and sweet Cara Caras, and the ever reliable navels. We have a staggering variety of tangerine types, from Clementines to Minneolas the Lee Nova Mandarins. Seeded or seedless, we have a tiny easy peel option for everyone. We also have a nice selection of kumquats.

While a lot of citrus is delicious out of hand, there are many ways to include it in baking and cooking. We are all familiar with lemon meringue pie, lemon pound cake, and lemon bars. Many of us have enjoyed lemon curd, and are aware that curds can be made out of other citrus fruits such as lime, orange and grapefruit as well. Citrus juice can add a depth and spark to savory cooking as well. Roasted chicken is good on its own, but with the addition of a whole lemon to the cavity of the bird and lemon zest combined with garlic rubbed on the skin, it becomes something more.

Throwing some potatoes and lemons slices into the roasting pan is an easy way to help round out the meal. Lemons can bring out the best in vegetables, too. This recipe from Ina Garten via Food52 is a simple and flavorful way to punch up weeknight broccoli.

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These suggestions are all heavy on lemon, but there is a whole world of citrus out there waiting to be discovered. Our annual Citrus Fest will be on Sunday, February 12th from noon to three. Please join us to sample a staggering array of fruits and choose your favorites. We'll be doing a drawing for a citrus basket at We are carrying beautiful chocolates from Sjaak's Organic Chocolate Company.

For a little treat, we have chocolate heart lollipops, a heart shaped polka dot box made out of chocolate and filled with gummies, and a almond butter filled chocolate hearts. For a larger chocolate gift we have several lovely assortment boxes sized to please smaller or lustier chocolate appetites.