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However, there is no evidence to suggest any advantage from the use of pacing which may delay chest compressions when full cardiac arrest is in progress. Competing interests None declared. Open Access This article is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License which permits any use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author s and the source are credited.

Part 5: Adult basic life support. Circulation ; S Google Scholar. Part 6: Automated external defibrillators, defibrillation, cardioversion, and pacing.

Reversible Causes of Cardiac Arrest: H's & T's |

Part 8: Adult advanced cardiovascular life support. J Anesth ; CrossRef Google Scholar. Fatal and non-fatal cardiac arrests related to anesthesia. Can J Anesth ; Trends in anesthesia-related death and brain damage: a closed claims analysis. Pollard JB. Cardiac arrest during spinal anesthesia: Common mechanisms and strategies for prevention. Anesth Analg ; Cardiac arrest during neuraxial anesthesia: frequency and predisposing factors associated with survival.

Crisis management during anaesthesia: cardiac arrest. Qual Saf Health Care ; e Epidemiology of anesthesia-related mortality in the United States, Serious complications related to regional anesthesia: results of a prospective survey in France. Predictors of survival following cardiac arrest in patients undergoing noncardiac surgery: a study of , patients at a tertiary referral center. Current issues in spinal anesthesia.

ACLS Adult Cardiac Arrest Algorithm - PEA/Asystole

Bainbridge FA. The influence of venous filling upon the rate of the heart.

RAPID ACLS - Revised Reprint, 2e

J Physiol Lond ; Hainsworth R. Reflexes from the heart. Phys Rev ; Effects of epidural and systemic lidocaine on sympathetic activity and mesenteric circulation in rabbits. Incidence and risk factors for side effects of spinal anesthesia.

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Campagna JA , Carter C. Clinical relevance of the Bezold-Jarisch reflex. Impaired neuroendocrine response mediates refractoriness to cardiopulmonary resuscitation in spinal anesthesia. Crit Care Med ; Coronary perfusion pressure during cardiopulmonary resuscitation after spinal anesthesia in dogs. PubMed Google Scholar.

Stienstra R. Mechanisms behind and treatment of sudden, unexpected circulatory collapse during central neuraxis blockade. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand ; Unexpected cardiac arrest during spinal anesthesia: A closed claims analysis of predisposing factors. Bradycardia after intravenous fentanyl during subarachnoid anesthesia letter. Fortuna A. Droperidol and spinal anesthesia letter. Cardiac arrest due to anesthesia.

A study of incidence and causes. JAMA ; The efficacy of epinephrine or vasopressin for resuscitation during epidural anesthesia. ASRA practice advisory on local anesthetic systemic toxicity. Reg Anesth Pain Med ; Lidocaine constricts or dilates rat arterioles in a dose-dependent manner. Evidence for a specific receptor site for lidocaine, quinidine and bupivacaine associated with cardiac sodium channels in guinea pig ventricular myocardium. Circ Res ; In vitro study on mechanisms of bupivacaine-induced depression of myocardial contractility.

Hasselstrom LJ , Mogensen T. Toxic reaction of bupivacaine at low plasma concentration. Cardiac resuscitation after incremental overdosage with lidocaine, bupivacaine, levobupivacaine, and ropivacaine in anesthetized dogs. Epinephrine impairs lipid resuscitation from bupivacaine overdose: a threshold effect.

A comparison of epinephrine and vasopressin in a porcine model of cardiac arrest after rapid intravenous injection of bupivacaine.

Successful resuscitation of a patient with ropivacaine-induced asystole after axillary plexus block using lipid infusion. Anaesthesia ; A comparison of the combination of epinephrine and vasopressin with lipid emulsion in a porcine model of asphyxial cardiac arrest after intravenous injection of bupivacaine. Lipid emulsion combined with epinephrine and vasopressin does not improve survival in a swine model of bupivacaine-induced cardiac arrest.

Weinberg GL. Treatment of local anesthetic systemic toxicity LAST. Anaphylaxis and anesthesia: controversies and new insights. Anesthesiology ; 5: Whittington T , Fisher M. Anaphylactic and anaphylactoid reactions. Laxenaire MC. Epidemiology of anesthetic anaphylactoid reactions. Fourth multicenter survey July December Survey of anesthesia-related mortality in France. Practice Parameters of the Joint Task Force on Practice Parameters for Allergy and Immunology: the diagnosis and management of anaphylaxis—an updated practice parameter.

J Allergy Clin Immunol ; S Anaphylaxis during anesthesia in Norway: a 6-year single-center follow-up study. Tryptase levels as an indicator of mast-cell activation in systemic anaphylaxis and mastocytosis. N Engl J Med ; Part Cardiac arrest in special situations. Simons FER. Diagnosis and treatment of vascular air embolism. Electrocardiography is unreliable in detecting potentially lethal hyperkalaemia in haemodialysis patients.

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Nephrol Dial Transplant ; Driessen JJ. Neuromuscular and mitochondrial disorders: what is relevant to the anaesthesiologist? Curr Opin Anaesthesiol ; Denborough M. Malignant hyperthermia. Lancet ; Litman RS , Rosenbert H. Malignant hyperthermia update on susceptibility testing. Future directions in malignant hyperthermia research and patient care.

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