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As high as the hornets build their nests so will the snow be next winter. The wider the brown band in the middle of the caterpillar, the milder the winter will be. Read more about the woolly worm.

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Plants were often used as weather predictors. Tough apple skins or thick onions skins meant a rough winter, as did thick flower buds. When leaves fall late, winter will be wild. Heavy crops of acorns, rose hips, hawthorn and other berries mean a hard winter is ahead, while a bountiful walnut crop means a mild winter is coming.

Winter Signs

Thick nutshells predict a severe winter. I find it fascinating that we can make predictions about the weather ahead by watching our animal friends. It is not surprising that native americans knew this.

They knew how to look to the land and observe. We would do well to slow down and do this, as well. To think long ago man wasn't built on arrogance and a "Top of food chain" mentality.

We were much more, humble and realistic in our day to day. We collected wisdom and tradition in the everyday lessons that mother nature offered, and gave the utmost respect or else we wouldn't survive. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager.

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Weather Lore: Observing Nature's Signs. By Robin Sweetser.

Farmers Almanac: 20 Signs Of A Snowy Winter For 12222/20

November 10, About This Blog. Related Articles Folklore Predicting the Weather. What do you want to read next? Click here to create a custom sign or contact us to discuss your needs. Customer Quotes. My Account. Create Custom Sign.

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Tactile Directional Arrows. Order online today for fastest service, or contact us at or sales compliancesigns. Information on severe weather and workplace safety: Severe weather awareness info from the National Weather Service General information about severe weather Review a sample inclement weather policy weather policy.

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