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Your comments for this edition, as well as past and future ones are invaluable, and well appreciated. Special thanks are also due to current and former members of our staff, especially to edi- tors Riccado Heald and Muhammed Hussain P.

Robert E. Green and Mr. Henry H.

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Many of the American National Standards Institute ANSI Standards that deal with mechanical engineering, extracts from which are included in the Handbook, are published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME , and we are grateful for their permission to quote extracts and to update the information contained in the standards, based on the revisions regularly carried out by the ASME. ANSI Standards are copyrighted by the publisher.

Additional information concerning Standards nomenclature and other Standards bodies that may be of interest is located on page Several individuals in particular, contributed substantial amounts of time and informa- tion to this and recent editions of the Handbook. Kenneth E. Vukota Boljanovic, Ph. James F. Carley, Ph. Professor Bruce A. Tommy B. Harlon contributed pragmatic and useful material on shaft alignment. Edmund Isakov provided material on the application of statistics to manufacturing processes.

He also contributed suggestions for improvements throughout the Handbook. Peter Smid, added, updated, and reorganized the material on CNC, including informa- tion on macro programming and thread cutting. Wayne N. Yung, Ph. Bradford T. Dulin provided several sections of metrology material beginning with Gage Blocks starting on page For many years, Mr. Sidney Kravitz provided many useful comments and suggestions for the Handbook. A long time reader, Mr. George P. Dorian, of GPDorian Co. An advanced version of the chart is available at www.

Related Papers. Machinery's Handbook. The company asked me to send them the book for their inspection which I did. You must be logged in to post a comment. About Charles D. Schultz Articles.

Charles D. Previous Gear Training Then and Now.

Machinery's Handbook - Metalworking

Log in to Reply. View Section, Part IV. Dimensioning, Gaging, and Measuring. Drafting Practices. Allowances and Tolerances for Fits. Measuring, Instruments, and Inspection Methods. Micrometer, Vernier and Dial Calipers.

Machinery's Handbook, 30th Edition, Toolbox Edition / Edition 30

Surface Texture. View Section, Part V. Tooling and Toolmaking. Cutting Tools. Cemented Carbides. Milling Cutters. Twist Drills and Counterbores.

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Standard Tapers. Arbors, Chucks, and Spindles. Broaches and Broaching. Files and Burs. Knurls and Knurling. Tool Wear and Sharpening. View Section, Part VI. Machining Operations. Cutting Speeds and Feeds. Speed and Feed Tables. Estimating Speeds and Machining Power.

Machining Econometrics. Grinding Feeds and Speeds. Grinding and other Abrasive Processes. Manufacturing Processes. Sheet Metal Working and Presses. Electrical Discharge Machining.

Machinery's Handbook, Large Print

Iron and Steel Castings. Powder Metallurgy. Soldering and Brazing. Finishing Operations. Torque and Tension in Fasteners. Inch Threaded Fasteners. Metric Threaded Fasteners. Helical Coil Screw Thread Inserts. British Fasteners. Machine Screws and Nuts. Cap and Set Screws. Self-Threading Screws. T-Slots, Bolts, and Nuts. Rivets and Riveted Joints. Pins and Studs.

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Retaining Rings. Nails, Spikes, and Wood Screws. View Section, Part IX.

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  5. Threads and Threading. Screw Thread Systems. Unified Screw Threads. Calculating Thread Dimensions.