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Still a great idea. I admit printed tape is very nice, original and creative. It may be useful for many businesses. Though every business should invent something new, that will be its guarantee of success for sure. Anyone know where to order custom printed tape in small runs? I love the tape! Great design too! So to the person who originally posted this on this blog, can we get a definitive answer as to precisely what company printed this tape?

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It looks to be either masking or paper tape. Can you provide some details? I have a crazy outgoing personality, mixed with a touch of anxiety and a lot of creativity. This makes for one interesting cocktail of a person.

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Some people can handle me, some people cannot. But as outrageous as my dirty minded jokes may seem, or my firey passion for the things that I love, these things make ME happy and they light my fire every damn day that I wake up. So remember, be who you are. Be whoever the hell you want to be. Just be whoever feels right to be for YOU. This is your life, and you are the driver. And the next best, finding good in goodbye. The stuff that sounds like music to your heart, that makes you feel like art, like lightning lights up a room in the dark.

My husband sent me a picture of the sky, and it inspired this poem. A tribute to Athan McEwen : A poem I wrote to help myself heal, with hopes it does the same for many others. A tribute to my amazing husband. Everything I love about him, finally in words. A mature read, but if you have the time, and if you truly care, you need to read this.

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They lived it and they breathed it. They worked hard at it, and it brought them together - it made them a family. And this is what the things that we love tend to do. When we put our time into these things, into the things that make us happy and bring light into our lives, these things take us over, and out of them comes many more wonderful things that give us so much more than they could ever take".

What are the things that did this for you". His young son needed to know that despite the sad things that happen in life, the things we can't ever understand no matter how hard we try, that passion stands above everything, and in the short time we have here, we truly need to do what we love.

Koehn always smiled when he heard that last part, "I like spending time with you too, daddy, you're my best friend, don't tell mom I said that". I don't understand why these boys had to die. I don't understand why this had to happen.

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All they were doing was something that they loved. Why did God let this happen? These are the same things that make you happy. You love hearing about hockey, the games, the friendships.

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You love hearing about how the bus rides were usually when the boys got to goof around, laugh together, and talk about their love for the game. These are the same things you look forward to as you move forward in hockey. And while I can't explain why it happened, the tragedy, I just have to believe that God needed these young men back home.

I have to believe that God sent each one of them here for different important reasons, and that in their short time, each of them fulfilled these reasons and God decided to call them back home". If you want to see a beautiful skating rink, you should see the one God has up there. I mean, I believe it must be something like this : lit up by all of the stars in the sky, music played for these hockey players by the other angels sitting in the stands, cheering them on, beautiful jerseys that have room for their new wings.

There's nothing else like it up there, Koehn. And when they score a goal, we see rainbows. And when they're skating with all that they've got, we hear thunder. And when they're laughing so hard that they cry, we feel rain, falling from the sky, and that rain comes back here, to earth, where their tears of joy continue to help everything here grow - they're still taking care of everything down here, while they do what they love up there".

Because you see, this story has so much meaning, because we choose to focus on what these boys lived for, hockey.

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I was out this bank holiday weekend for a short ramble with my husband and we ended up near Chew Valley lake where we had a later rendezvous with our son who needed a lift home. Short of time, we ended up parking the car in the small village of Compton Martin and walking up a lane that we vaguely remembered from a previous walking outing.

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As we walked into the woodland, we came across swathes of wild garlic in full bloom, with clouds of white which got more intense as we walked further into the wood. Apparently the wild garlic or Allium Ursinum is a bit of a thug in the undergrowth as it tends to take over woods where the native English bluebell might otherwise grow.

As we walked I tasted a few of the flowers which tasted like chives but with a slightly sweet edge and when we got home I made a salad, scattering a few over the top for an added onion bite. The flowers look very pretty too, although the onion smell is not quite what you expect in your living room. At the top of the lane a path leads you into the woodland, although I suspect that at any other time of year it would be just like any other leafy glade.

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Hmmm, how interesting! I actually imagined fairies hovering just above the wild garlic.