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The first approach starts from the experimental observation of acoustic solitons in crystals.

Group of Statistical Physics

Quantum lattice models will be used to model the experimental situation. A second approach starts from available expertise with Darboux techniques and explores their generalization in a systematic manner. Finally, a correlation function approach will be used in an attempt to transform the nonlinear operator equations of quantum electrodynamics into ordinary nonlinear equations.

The three approaches hopefully converge into a better understanding of the concept of quantum soliton. Non-canonical quantum electrodynamics. The soliton concept in classical and in quantum context. Fields in quantum spacetime.

Probability and Heat Fundamentals of Thermostatistics - Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

Non-canonical commutation relations in relativistic quantum mechanics. The existing construction of the CCR algebra has been generalized with the intention to extend the model of Doplicher et al. The study of this generalized CCR-algebra will be continued. Stability analysis of equilibrium density matrices in nonextensive thermodynamics with nonlinear time evolution. We try to show that small perturbations of the equilibrium state are stable for this non-linear dynamics.

Sumit Das - Introduction to statistical field theory (3)

For small perturbations of the dynamics a linear response theory is developed. Multimodal and integrated handling of medical images.


A first technique concerns multi-modal user interfaces, with emphasis on the development of a generic architecture for simultaneous and combined use of multiple modes, including speech generation and recognition. Also, developments concerning the semantic web are evaluated. One expects that document oriented architectures using XML will have a big impact on the way of building medical work stations. Integration of applications in a clinical workstation. The present project studies the techniques used to integrate these applications into a cooperating entity.

A weak form of integration of open applications is mixed at. A suitable architecture is presented. The project includes also the implementation of an experimental prototype which can be used to test alternatives under operational conditions. It is a virtual object with data storage distributed over hospitals and physician's cabinets. Images and reports about images form an essential part of the patient record. In this context the project aims at research in new technologies and paradigms. The contribution of the UIA in this project concerns research in new technologies and the architecture of complex systems.

Design and Control of Broadband Networks for Multimedia applications. These algorithms are used to design the topology of the network, to define routing strategies and to dimension network resources. The traffic engineering part deals with buffer dimensioning,traffic management, routing and billing in ATM networks. Simple but accurate traffic engineering rules are used to plan the network.

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Stochastic analysis and mathematical modelling of physical processes. In particular the following topics will be considered : completeness of scattering systems, the use of loop spaces, properties of stationary states, non-equilibrium states and long-range correlations in many particle systems.

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  5. Boronic Acids in Saccharide Recognition.

Among others the theory of Markov processes, Malliavin calculus and random walks will be used. The construction of Gibbs states and potential functions will play an important role. Mathematical and theoretical physics. Methods to solve non-linear wave equations are developped. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 15 5 , , Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41 36 , , International Journal of Theoretical Physics 47 5 , , A comparative study on q-deformed fermion oscillators A Algin International Journal of Theoretical Physics 50 5 , , Thermodynamics of a two-parameter deformed quantum group boson gas A Algin Physics Letters A , , Fibonacci oscillators and two-parameter generalized thermostatistics A Algin Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation 15 5 , , Thermostatistical properties of a two-parameter generalised quantum group fermion gas A Algin, M Baser Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications , ,