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Battogtokh, M. Eiswirth, M. Hildebrand, K. Krischer, and V. Tereshko for their comments and assistance. We thank M. Lubke for her help in producing new figures for this volume. Berlin and Moscow A. Mikhailov April A. Loskutov Preface to the First Edition This textbook is based on a lecture course in synergetics given at the University of Moscow. In this second of two volumes, we discuss the emergence and properties of complex chaotic patterns in distributed active systems.

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Such patterns can be produced autonomously by a system, or can result from selective amplification of fluctuations caused by external weak noise. More Business. Leveraging Corporate Responsibility C. Experiments and Simple Models 2. Piecewise Linear Maps and Deterministic Chaos 3.

Universal Behavior of Quadratic Maps 4.

Communications in Mathematical Physics

The Intermittency Route to Chaos 5. Strange Attractors in dissipative Dynamical Systems 6. Regular and Irregular Motion in Conservative Systems 7. Chaos in Quantum Systems Outlook. Stewart, H. Solitons Trullinger, S. Zakharov, V. Pokrovsky, V. Solitons in Biology 2. Experimental Observation of a Davydov-Like Soliton 3. Thermodynamics of Two-Dimensional Soliton-Systems 4. Spin Dynamics of Heisenberg Chains 5. Soliton Model of Polyacetylene 7. Solitons in superfluid 3He 9. Solitons in Josephson Transmission Lines Soliton Stability Dynamical and Topological Solitons in Ferromagnets and Antiferromagnets Solitons and Surface Diffusion Integrable Magnetic Models Nonlinear Effects in Low-Dimensional Magnets.

Burger, Maria Halogen-Based Oscillators in a Flow Reactor 9.

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Periodically Perturbed Chemical Systems The Structure and Variety of Chemical Waves Propagating Reaction-Diffusion Fronts Gas Evolution Oscillators Diffusion und Drift 8. Ambipolare Diffusion, Diffusionsmoden 9. Messung von Beweglichkeit und Diffusionskoeffizient in Schwarmexperiemten Driftmessungen mit positiv geladenen Ionen Driftmessungen an negativ geladenen Ionen Rekombination Ionisierungsprozesse im Gasraum Ionisierungskoeffizienten Literaturverzeichnis Ostrowsky, Nicole Part One: From Oder Arnold, V.

I Kozlov, V.

Neishtadt, A. Basic Principles of Classical Mechanics Chapter 2.

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The n-body Problem Chapter 3. Integrable Systems and Integration Methods Chapter 5. Perturbation theory for Integrable Systems Chapter 6. Nonintegrable Systems Chapter 7. Theory of Small Oscillations. Foreword Chapter 1. Critical Points of Functions Chapter 2.

Foundations of Synergetics II

Monodromy Groups of Critical Points Chapter 3. Basic Properties of Maps Chapter 4. The Global Theory of Singularities.

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Novikov, S. Various Aspects of Memory 2. Pattern Mathematics 3. Classical Learing Systems 4. A New Approach to Adaptive Filters 5. Self-Organizing Feature Maps 6. Optimal Associative Mappings 7. Pattern Recognition 8. More about Biological Memory 9. Notes on Neural Computing Optical Associative Memories.

http://qooru.com/el-sin-sentido-trenzas.php How to Identify Chaotic Vibrations 3. A Survey of Systems with Chaotic Vibrations 4. Experimental Methods in Chaotic Vibrations 5. Criteria for Chaotic Vibrations 6. Numerical Experiments in Chaos Appendix C. Chaotic Toys. Physik - die Grundlage der objektiven Naturwissenschaft? Grundprozesse des Lebens IV. Vererbung, Information und Evolution V. Biologische Strukturbildung VI.

Einheit der Natur, Mehrdeutigkeit der Welt X.