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A Man Who Is In Love Will NEVER Stop Fighting For You

Alle 16 News anzeigen. Anastasia goes through some rough times and learns to become tough and being taught by her father to fight and defend herself. This book shows us how sexist this world can be all based on the gender you are shows how powerful or how strong you are.

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This books proves that girls can fight and become superior or men if they just tried hard enough. This book also shows how love can grow for people with a reason for everything.

If your partner's the problem, that's one thing. If it's you? You can change.

The way that this book's plot plays out is amazing that once you start the book you can't let go of it. She also learns how to play it smart and channel her anger by punching a locker that leaves a dent in it. This is a truly got title to fit the story for the fight for love.

When Anastasia Stone gets betrayed by her best guy friend, also known as her crush, she leaves town with a broken heart. Now two years later, she's back in the chaotic town that once destroyed her.

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Although, she is no longer the same as before. All men love the thrill of the chase. Everything in this life is a lot more meaningful if it is earned through perseverance and hard work.

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Nothing in this life worth having ever comes easily — most especially love. Men always love to take matters into their own hands when it comes to love. Men go after the things that they want when it comes to the matters of the heart. And all of these things might even be true.