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Structured data from the Bibframe namespace is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. Additional terms may apply to data associated with third party namespaces. Link Analysis Experimental. Network Analysis Inbound Links 2 1 Total. Shared in Network This resource is rare in the Library. Link network. Each chapter covers a particular topic, such as guilt, euthanasia, women, abortion, science, the Holocaust, or God. This is a delightful peek into a close friendship and commitment to inter-faith dialogue.

On a Mission : men of Mount St. Memoirs of a dervish, by Robert Irwin. Robert Irwin, acclaimed novelist and Middle East editor of The Times Literary Supplement, describes his turbulent times in the sixties and seventies. His search for Sufi enlightenment took him to Algeria where he converted to Islam, and received an initiation as a faqir.

But this is not a detailed account of Sufi doctrine. Darling : a spiritual autobiography, by Richard Rodriguez.

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Jesus among friends and enemies : a historical and literary introduction to Jesus in the Gospels, edited by Chris Keith and Larry W. As the title suggests, this book attempts to explore the life of Jesus through the eyes of those who knew him — his family, friends such as Mary Magdalene, the Bethany family, and the beloved disciple — but also his accusers, e.

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Jewish leaders and political authorities such as Pilate or Herod. Another contribution to the quest for the historical Jesus. Coming soon is an easier way to pay your library fees and fines.

Of course our friendly librarians will be around to help you with any questions. These changes will be rolling out between now and the end of the year. Information on our current payment options. Just a small sample of the new science books that have reared their head over the last few weeks:.

The newspaper of record has always prided itself on its award-winning science coverage, and these articles from its archives are the very best, covering more than a century of breakthroughs, setbacks, and mysteries. Selected by former science editor Cornelia Dean, they feature such esteemed and Pulitzer Prize-winning writers as Malcolm W.

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  • Vitruvius: The Ten Books on Architecture.
  • Lord Valentines Castle (Majipoor: Lord Valentine, Book 1).
  • Airway Chemoreceptors in Vertebrates.

Browne on teleporting, antimatter atoms, and the physics of traffic jams; James Glanz on string theory; George Johnson on quantum physics; William L. Richard Elwes profiles the groundbreaking and front-of-mind discoveries that have had a profound influence on our way of life and understanding. In a handful of places around the world, a combination of geography, topography and climate combine to funnel migrant birds into narrow fronts, leading to migration hotspots, places where, for a few days each year, birds seem to be everywhere.

And from wetlands where huge numbers of waders stop over each spring and autumn to the great rarity islands of Scilly and Heligoland. This book takes on the most fascinating and pressing mysteries we have yet to crack and explains how tantalizingly close science is to solving them or how frustratingly out of reach they remain. The essential Audrey Eagle : botanical art of New Zealand. In true comic book fashion, horror, super heroes, crime and suspense are well represented in each.

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But rather than showing the formless slew it is in reality, Allison creates a lonely, floating landfill that communicates in words from restaurant signs and name tags. By its very nature, the trash monster is a danger to those it would befriend, and its only hope for happiness lies in transformation. What effect do they have on us? Why do we love them so much? Blutch addresses all these questions in a series of interlocking short comics that move between scholarly history, romantic theory and ribald vignettes, featuring a motley cast of actors and topics including Burt Lancaster, Jean-Luc Godard, Claudia Cardinale, Tarzan, and Michel Piccoli.

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The brilliantly shaded, exquisitely detailed black-and-white panels give justice to the gruesome zombies, the historical scenery, and the extreme human emotions. Slaughtered civilians are turning up in the sleepy town of Cypress, and the burden falls on him to end the carnage. The Spider. But the New York City Wentworth returns to is riddled with crime and corruption. With the police overwhelmed and a populace helpless, Wentworth becomes The Spider, a vigilante as ruthless and merciless as the criminals he hunts.

But soon there is a new danger on the rise.

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The pursuit of old family documents is concurrent with the unearthing of family secrets. Find out what happens behind the masks as superhero families are faced with the sordid problems of everyday life. The big C. The complete second season. Yeah right! But, yes it is true. Linney won the Satellite Award, a Golden Globe and a Emmy for Best Actress in a Television Comedy Series, awards well deserved because her stellar performance carries the show.

Season 1 sees her keeping the news to herself and privately reconsidering her entire existence — with results both hilarious and heartbreaking and Season 2, not quite as humorous but equally engaging, follows developments as her condition becomes public knowledge. Season 3 is soon to be available on DVD and the series finishes this year in the US with Season 4 consisting of four one hour episodes.

Press gang. The complete first series. Worth re-discovery. Hugely entertaining, hilarious and just a tiny bit genuinely scary, this lovingly crafted treatment of American fantasy writer H. Kidnap and ransom. Eve has just suffered his first hostage loss, and with trouble at home and his boss questioning his judgement, the last thing he needs is another job to go wrong. But when he is negotiating the release of a female scientist in South Africa the situation becomes even more complicated with the introduction of a group of ruthless mercenaries headed by John Hannah.

Can he retrieve his client from her kidnappers, or is there a bigger game at play? After seven years of wondering whether these lovely people would return to share their lives with us again — what joy — they have. Even Peter, the disaffected teacher who left the series some years ago, has made a re-appearance.

It is really heart-warming to see that however rocky a start the subjects had, they have all made the best of their lives and emerged as very pleasant and worthwhile people. There are some gaps and mysteries here — no mention is made by either Bruce or Neil of the life-changing help given by the former to the latter. There are also some irritations — such as the intrusive personal questions asked by producer Michael Apted.

As to whether Britain still has an active class system — well, undoubtedly it has, but everyone here seems quite happy with his place in the scheme of things. Fascinating and warmly recommended. After dark, my sweet. Of the ladies struck him and with what form of enforce is doubtful; it trusted which neighborhood paper one learn.