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I learned that honesty goes a long way and so does a little bit of fun. We are on a mission to contribute to the education of thousands of children around the world by providing free educational textbooks. We also work with hundreds of artists from around the world, so it is important that my team understands the big picture every step of the way. Naturally, the company core values are centered on doing good and promoting the arts.

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This is only possible if I create a culture of honesty, grace, and fun. My team is growing and the way that I ensure these values remain intact is by allowing team members to make mistakes, fostering their creativity in problem-solving, and encouraging a little bit of fun every step of the way. By creating this safe, relaxed environment, honesty comes naturally and the drive to fulfill our mission becomes inherent. It is perhaps the best business decision I have ever made.

Core values developed through a collaborative effort maximizes the vested interest of all involved, and that buy in is critical. Our core values — we care; we seek the best; we are teachable and growth-oriented; we speak to inspire; and we are bold and go-getters — guide everything we do each day, which has led to our success. One of the first things Heather J.

The company lives by five core values that define who we are and inform our work every day. From the top down, every employee commits to upholding our values from the moment they start. These values distill what success at WP Engine means and provide a sense of common direction for all our employees and inform our day-to-day behavior. One of the reasons why we feel we have been so successful is because our employees, regardless of geography or position all identify, embrace, and act on our values.

For the bottom-up approach, we had the team identify which co-workers they felt were the best exemplars of GNGF and then describe the key attributes of that person. As a group, we put the attributes on the whiteboard and group them into similar categories, getting to about ten groups. Then the hard part started as our goal was to whittle this list down 5 or fewer core values that define how we approach everything we do at GNGF.

This is where the top-down view becomes important. The founder s or executives of the company must do some soul-searching. Strongly agreeing with a core value was pretty easy, but when I strongly disagreed with an attribute there was always a deeper issue. We review and challenge them each quarter, read them at in our weekly meetings, create interview questions based on them, and incorporate into onboarding activities. We do this because I believe that our core values are ultimately what attracts and keeps team members and clients to GNGF.

Our core values define how we execute on that purpose. When we have issues with a team member or a client we can almost always tie the issue back to someone deviating from a core value.

When we were first developing our company values, I knew I wanted our company to be mission-focused. I strongly believe that when your company is aligned on a shared mission, your values and culture will spring naturally from that mission.

For us, we are on a mission to overhaul the staffing industry, setting a new standard of service, value, and innovation. That phrase forms the core of who we want to become, and so our values were defined from that one, focused statement. For example, our company values are as follows:. For our company, clearly defining these values gives not only a vision to rally behind, it preemptively gives us the structure we need to hire better and create a more committed, stronger team. We felt it important to focus first on our people when defining our values, rather than specific business objectives.

After all, that is who the values are really for. We see them as a commitment from the business to everyone in it — this is how we want our work environment to be experienced. With six values in total we wanted to encourage growth through rewarding quality, creative thinking and individual and company successes. This has multiple layers of meaning — first, serving happiness to each other.

To tackle that, we held groups sessions to discuss how we could best reflect them within the contact centre. As well as using them as themes for all internal communication, events and rewards we decided to introduce a partnership agreement. The idea there is to agree what our commitment is as an employer around each value, what our managers would commit to and then, as the most important point, what our front-end staff would commit to in return. We are very early days into this but are anticipating success. They guide business decisions and ensure you stay true to your identity; inform prospective customers and employees about your company; define what sets you apart from others in the field; and are critical to the long-term growth strategy of any company.

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As a customer service-focused company, we work together to ensure our clients have the best experience. It drives employees to do their best in their roles. Office lunches, happy hours, community service events, and more foster a sense of community and relationship building outside of business hours. We are dedicated to achieving results for our clients and always being responsive to their needs.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and say what we believe, not what others want to hear. We are committed to the success of our clients and are always accountable for our work. Our core values play an extremely important role in everything we do. They inform and guide the way our team members interact with everyone, including clients, vendors and each other. In my experience, people tend to pick feel good values that nobody disagrees with. But I believe your values must be polarizing in order to really draw people to your company and segment out those who will not be a fit.

For example, Bridgewater Associates, the Connecticut-based hedge fund, has a value of Radical Transparency. For some people, having coworkers openly criticize them to their face shows horrible.

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Having these values with bite makes people stop and consider what they truly believe in. When starting a company, I think the founder s should work to develop the core values.

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The high level values should stay firm, although the specifics should be readdressed as the company scales both in terms of customers and headcount. Essentially, they keep us aligned as a group of individuals working towards a mutual goal. They keep everyone marching to the beat of the same drum. These are important to us for five main reasons:. They clearly communicate what we care about, both as individuals at work and collectively as a company.

This helps guide our work, decisions, teaming, communications, alignment, hiring, and investments. They build our workplace culture. They brings us together. Although we each have our quirks and unique views on the world, the declaration unites and aligns us behind common goals and our purpose. They introduce us to customers, prospects, future Jostlers, investors, and other external stakeholders. They provide a strong base to efficiently carry out our relentless pursuit of innovation, exploration, and expansion.

If you go the extra mile for your employees and your customers without regard to the profitability of a specific action, everyone will become aware. If you pinch every penny in regards to your employees and customers disregarding their needs in favor of profit, everyone will quickly know that. Once you as the CEO decide what you want your company to be, and live it. Every opportunity. Every situation. It is like raising a child. You must be consistent. My company does payroll for small and medium businesses around the country.

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It has to be right and on time. Our customer service level has to be perfect all the time. Outside influences like the IRS, States, the government, banks, the weather, delivery services create enough problems for our clients without us making mistakes. Every payroll is done the way I would do it. Every payroll is done exactly like a CPA was doing it. The customer must get their payroll right and on time, regardless. It is so easy not to do that.

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But everyone knows at my firm that is what happens. Everybody lives it. Whatever it takes to make that happen happens! It is ingrained in them by everyone from me on down. We live our work lives by it. It makes life at work, work for us.