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With masterfully interlaced plotlines pulled from the darkest corners of political power and corruption, Another Time, Another Life bristles with wit, insight, and intensity. This is a very interesting story involving all sorts of fascinating intrigue spanning 25 years. There's cold war spying, Stasi intrigue, and clever detectives who figure out who the Swedish collaborators are in an attack on the German embassy in Stockholm in However, the story is not well written and holds no surprise or suspense.

Its basically just a simply account of what happened, not a clever who-done-it or suspenseful spy thriller, which a better author could have rendered. Also, I forgot what a lousy narrator Davies is.

Another Time, Another Life

His characters sound like they're on quaaludes or are constipated. Why does he insist on those silly, inauthentic Swedish accents?! It completely detracts from the narration. I would not recommend this book, but I do think it could be a terrific movie if it were re-worked by a greater talent.

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  • Another Time, Another Life: The Story of a Crime - Leif G. W. Persson - Google книги.
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What could Leif GW Persson have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? Erik is great, he did all he could with the material. Any additional comments?

Another Time, Another Life by Leif GW Persson | Penguin Random House Audio

I wasted my team listening to this book, kept thinking it would get better. Huge disappointment.


Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Leif GW Persson.

Narrated by: Erik Davies. Price: Not Available.

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Currently Unavailable. Persson Leif G.

Six young people take the entire staff of the West German embassy hostage, demanding that the Baader-Meinhof members being held as prisoners in West Germany be released immediately. The long siege ends with the deaths of two hostages and the wounding of several others, including the captors. Lars Johansson, having just joined the Swedish Security Police, decides to tie up a few loose ends left behind by his predecessor: specifically, two files on Swedes who had allegedly collaborated on the assault on the West German embassy, one of whom turned out to be the murder victim in Johansson reopens the investigation and, with help from detectives Jarnebring and Holt, follows the leads - right up the Swedish political ladder Awarded Best Swedish Crime Novel by the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers on its original publication in , Another Time, Another Life is an astonishingly accomplished and resonant thriller spanning twenty-five years, centred around the still-unsolved murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme in Have doubts regarding this product?