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These stories reinterpreted classical works and historical incidents. Akutagawa was a strong opponent of naturalism. In , Akutagawa interrupted his writing career to spend four months in China , as a reporter for the Osaka Mainichi Shinbun. The trip was stressful and he suffered from various illnesses, from which his health would never recover. Shortly after his return he published Yabu no naka " In a Grove ", During the trip, Akutagawa visited numerous cities of southeastern China including Nanjing , Shanghai , Hangzhou and Suzhou. Akutagawa's stories were influenced by his belief that the practice of literature should be universal and can bring together western and Japanese cultures.

This can be seen in the way that Akutagawa uses existing works from a variety of cultures and time periods and either rewrites the story with modern sensibilities or creates new stories using ideas from multiple sources. Culture and the formation of a cultural identity is also a major theme in several of Akutagawa's works. In these stories, he explores the formation of cultural identity during periods in history where Japan was most open to outside influences. An example of this is his story H? The portrayal of women in Akutagawa's stories was shaped by the influence of three women who acted as a mother for Akutagawa.

Most significantly his biological mother Fuku, from whom he worried about inheriting her mental illness.

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Though he did not spend much time with Fuku he identified strongly with her, believing that if at any moment he might go mad life was meaningless. His aunt Fuki played the most significant role in his upbringing. Fuki controlled much of Akutagawa's life, demanding much of his attention especially as she grew older.

Akutagawa Ryunosuke Short Story Selection vol.1 [mikan +1] Quotes by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

Women that appear in Akutagawa's stories, much like the women he identified as mothers, were mostly written as dominating, aggressive, deceitful, and selfish. Conversely, men were often represented as the victims of such women, such as in Kesa to Morito "Kesa and Morito", , in which the leading female character attempts to control the actions of both her lover and husband. The final phase of Akutagawa's literary career was marked by his deteriorating physical and mental health.

Much of his work during this period is distinctly autobiographical , some even taken directly from his diaries. His works during this period include Daid? Akutagawa had a highly publicized dispute with Jun'ichir?

Tanizaki over the importance of structure versus lyricism in story. Akutagawa argued that structure, how the story was told, was more important than the content or plot of the story, whereas Tanizaki argued the opposite. Akutagawa's final works include Kappa , a satire based on a creature from Japanese folklore , Haguruma "Spinning Gears", , Aru ah?

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Towards the end of his life, Akutagawa began suffering from visual hallucinations and anxiety over fear that he had inherited his mother's mental disorder. In he attempted suicide , together with a friend of his wife, but the attempt failed. He finally committed suicide by taking an overdose of Veronal , which had been given to him by Saito Mokichi on 24 July of the same year. His dying words in his will claimed he felt a "vague insecurity" , bon'yari shita fuan about the future.

Akutagawa wrote over short stories during his brief life. The title and the frame scenes set in the Rashomon Gate are taken from Akutagawa's "Rash? Japanese composer Mayako Kubo wrote an opera named Rashomon , based on Akutagawa's story. In , Akutagawa's lifelong friend Kan Kikuchi established the literary award for promising new writers, the Akutagawa Prize , in his honor. Akutagawa Ryunosuke. Get Akutagawa Ryunosuke essential facts below.

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Akutagawa Ryunosuke Short Story Selection vol.1 [mikan +1] Quotes

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