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Jar containing a twisting bit of frozen time—if unfrozen over a fire it reveals the last words of a dying wizard. A chest containing 49 smaller chests, one inside the other, until the final chest which contains a tiny cloth doll. Armor made from the faces of victims. Bone sword, made out of the bones of victims. Pouch, made out of the skin of victims. Trousers, made out of the flesh of victims.

Vile totem made out of soulstuff and bones. Vril Power Bow bow. A priceless artifact from a lost time, but sadly not as reliable as it was when it was new.

13th Age Bestiary 2 : Rob Heinsoo :

At the start of each of your turns, roll a d8. If you roll over the escalation die value, on a successful hit with this weapon add the die result to your damage and the target briefly glows. If you roll under the escalation die, you take the die result in damage and you briefly glow.

Rolling equal to the escalation die applies no damage from the roll, but you can make another attack with the bow on this turn as a quick action.

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Goblin Totem holy or unholy symbol. The artifact is unmistakably goblin in design, but started life as a holy symbol for a different god. If you sing the songs for long enough they may drift into unholy hymns to the Old Ones without you noticing. The Goblin Market: A shiver of goblin sharks have come to town, far from their home, to meet and trade with representatives of the bonewraith tribe.

13th Age Midgard Bestiary Physical Preview & Digital Contents Review, Kobold Press, Rob Heinsoo

The ghost goblin horror fights alongside other living and undead tribe members. Sometimes the tribe will take in undead discovered in travels and raids. These creatures were often not goblins in life, so there is no end to the variety of undead they might command. Ghost life: When the ghost goblin horror is reduced to 0 hit points it makes a save. If it succeeds it gains 5 hit points and regenerates 5 hit points per turn until the end of the battle or it is next reduced to 0 hit points.

Dust digger watchmen guard major excavation sites against looters. Surprisingly disciplined, these goblins know the power of the artifacts they seek. They have mastered the strange vril bows whose bolts are charged with the power of the sun. When they open fire, reinforcements are never far behind.

The Bonewraith goblins are known for eating both their enemies and the weak and fallen of their own tribe. They fashion the resulting bones into weapons, totems, and armor, to imbue themselves with the power of the fallen.

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Most who encounter these fearsome creatures flee rather than find out the truth of these claims. Giant Shark Bowl Ooze A giant shark swims within a huge fishbowl, circling above a sandy floor strewn with seashells, a small castle, and a treasure chest. The giant shark bowl ooze makes a squash attack against 1d4 nearby enemies as it rolls and shlorps around the area. Any enemies already engulfed by the giant shark bowl ooze take 10 thunder damage. Then it pulls each nearby enemy next to it and engages that creature.

Until the end of the battle, when a non-ooze creature takes any damage besides ongoing acid damage, it also takes 10 acid damage. The giant shark bowl ooze produces spikes.

A Beastly Bestiary: A Review of the 13th Age Bestiary

The giant shark bowl ooze makes a spasms attack. If it misses with either attack roll, after the attacks, it can make a stretch and engulf attack as a free action. AC one nearby enemy — 40 thunder damage Natural odd hit: The target pops free from the giant shark bowl ooze and is knocked far away, and the ooze makes the attack again against a different nearby enemy as a free action. AC —36 damage Miss: 18 damage. PD 1d3 nearby enemies in a group — 20 poison damage Natural 2 or 12 hit: Target is weakened until they next take damage.

Natural 6 or 16 hit: Target is stuck, save ends. Miss: 7 poison damage. Nastier Specials Contrabando: The rakshasa has a stash of illicit substances—once per battle as a quick action, it can either deal 20 ongoing poison damage to one enemy that it has just left engagement with OR become dazed but heal 30 hit points at the end of each of its turns save ends. Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone who sent in an entry! We are not offering an upgrade version to existing Bestiary customers.

Highlight anything that 13th Age does not have: Prone, push, that sort of thing. If it was integral to something that is thematically central for the monster I found a way to deal with it. Group similar attacks together. Fill in numbers for attack bonuses based on level. Write in the total damage an attack is supposed to do beside the attack.

13th Age Bestiary 2

The first example is fine. On average it does 12 damage. Now that mook does damage as though it was one level lower, but is hitting like it is one level higher and its hits feel really impressive half the time. Designing from scratch If I had been approaching the Midgard Bestiary monsters fresh rather than doing a conversion of existing material, some of them would have been very different mechanically, because the underlying fiction would have been different.

The goblins below are but a small selection of the unique goblin cultures found throughout this unforgiving land… Ghost Goblin Tribe The Ghost Goblins have strong ties to their dead in more than just a spiritual sense.