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Illuminating her early childhood and wartime experiences, the book also offers a fresh perspective on her role in the infamous Babalon Working magick rituals, that were conducted by her husband, the maverick rocket scientist and Aleister Crowley disciple Jack Parsons, and the future founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard.

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Following Parsons death in from a chemical explosion, Cameron inherited her husband's magickal mantle and embarked on a lifelong spiritual quest, a journey reflected in the otherworldly images she depicted, many of them drawn from the Elemental Kingdom and astral plane. As well as her artistry, the biography also takes an in-depth look at Cameron's film appearances, and features reminiscences from the many artists, poets and movie star friends she inspired along the way.

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With so much of her life and work shrouded in mystery, Wormwood Star sheds new light on this most remarkable artist and elusive occult icon. Zoning is travelling without moving. A magical, mind-bending story revolving around the intersecting lives of a teenage occultist, Astral Boy, and a young, budding porn star, Skyrise Kid. The ages have held many streams of Becoming. The Second Beats [sic] added self to the equation.

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What had existed in Secret now blazed forth in glory to take the whole of the Earth and prepare mankind for the stars. Those streams of Becoming find you now. They wash over you. And you will suffer a sea of change into something rich and strange. Each atom of your body, each beat of Heart, each thought of your Mind, each spell of your soul is changing now. If your Will is strong you will be You. In exchange you must now know the terrors of Love, the ecstasies of Fear, the freedom of hard Work and the occasional burden of Wonder.

The Children of Set look upon you.

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Their simple gaze changes you as well, and your Gaze on them drives them to excellence and failure and helps shape this brew, that someday we will pour upon the world, unleashing streams that will re-shape all lands. I have the honor to salute you first as High Priest. Soon you will stand before them and greet them for our [Helsinki] Conclave, and they will see it. Those who hate you and those who love you and those that think nothing will be different will see it. And you seeing it in their eyes will see it, and then slowly your other Eyes will see it reflected in His Eyes.

The following is an excerpt from: From the Eye of the Storm column in Thunderbolt. Through many years of theurgic magic and other consciousness-refining activities, the Sethian establishes a bond with Seth that eventually allows for a complete mystical alliance with the divine. When many Sethian initiates simultaneously pursue that same process of spiritual affinity with the same intensity, the network referred to above organically begins to take form. These Fiends were traditionally described as being seventy-two in number, although the precise numerological significance of this number remains obscure.

The Seventy-Two Fiends of Seth are described in the ancient papyri and coffin texts of Khem as the Confederates of Seth thus our early designation as a Confederacy, a reference to the eternal war between Sutekh and His opponents. In our initiatory practices we utilize many synchronized breathing techniques for a variety of purposes.

To provide some examples, we conspire with our animal totems when we can be near enough to observe their breathing ; we practice specific breathing techniques with fellow initiates; we synchronize our breathing during magico-erotic union with our sex partners; when practicing any sort of sympathetic magic, breathing in tandem with the recipient of our sorcery is a given. But how close must you be to a god to breathe together with Him? How intimately must we know our own god to actively conspire with His plans for disruption and subversion?

Such a relationship is not the submission of a penitent praying on his or her knees to a distant god, but the confidential union of spiritual partners in crime. The closer your bond becomes with our Patron, the stronger you will feel the rhythm of His breath in yours. There are many mentions of the Fiends in Sethian lore, but two of the best-known will suffice. It was the Seventy-Two Fiends who helped Seth construct the coffin into which Osiris was tricked, and it was these same Co-Conspirators who were His shape-shifting army in the battle against Horus.

The same concept of an uncanny army of supernatural creatures can be seen in the Nordic description of the helpers of Loki who assist Him in His war against the Aesir.

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Both the armies of Seth and the armies of Loki are but regional descriptions of timeless transcultural spiritual phenomena that exist as a brigade of spiritual allies. So, when we say that the Storm is the physical embodiment of the Seventy-Two Fiends of Seth, the Army of Red Ones, this should not be understood as a bit of poetic whimsy or theatrical flourish.

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The world is already filled with enough slick rhetoric and jargon. However, each initiate who has crossed the threshold into the second Working year of the Storm now has the fierce task of maintaining and enhancing that most disreputable of honors; to live even more than before as a true Companion of Seth, and understanding what that sacred stigma really means. This crossing of the threshold, if fully comprehended, could not possibly be taken lightly. The battle between Horus and Seth alone lasted eighty years. You have now completed one year as a Child of Revolt; are you ready for the next 79 years?

We who are pierced by the two sacred arrows of Ombos now rise from the rubble and prepare for attack in the year to come; active engagement in Battle is what will fortify the Backbone of His movement and of His Fiends. As a Companion of Seth, it is our duty each day to remind ourselves of what it really means to be a Confederate, a Co-Conspirator, a Companion of our Patron.

Not merely to think about this intellectually, but to know with all your senses the state of companionship to this neter. Take some private time each day to breathe together with this entity. As you walk a familiar course, synchronize your movements with His. Experience His molten lava in your bones. See through the red lens of His eyes which reveals, like an infrared lens, that which cannot be seen to the naked human eye in the darkness.

Best of the Global Reality 12-13-8 - Sex Magick and the Left-Hand Path.

Act with the sudden swiftness of a striking serpent which knows no hesitation or procrastination. Take the offense rather than defense each day, before someone or something more Sethian than yourself knocks you on your ass. Recognize the burning odor of His revivifying destruction. Feel His thundering Roar charge forth from within you. Be energized with His volcanic Force.

Murder a new delusion each night. Discover in your own soul the radiance of His blinding gold. All religions are based on a bond with their god, but the bond with Seth that you have accepted by being an accomplice in His movement is a very specific one.


How exactly one undertakes this agitating daily devotional practice will vary according to the disposition and experience of each initiate. However, incorporating an act of Sethian gnosis each day will avail you of a deeper understanding of our Patron far more than the mere reading of words ever possibly could.

Many years of sustaining this intense hour awareness is an act of Sethian self-gnosis, since it allows the dream-sorcerer to attain one of the key attributes of Seth, that eternal wakefulness that caused the Egyptians to refer to Him as Nehes Wakeful One. The initiate who can master the skill of lucid dreaming has also taken another step towards mutating into a Seth-like being in that he or she has become a sovereign in one of those unknown borderland areas of consciousness ruled by Seth. As a lucid dreamer, you can more effectively experiment with the Sethian emanation of sending nightmares to others as a compassionate means of harsh awakening; a jarring out of the normative auto-pilot waking state.

Or conversely, one may experience more vividly the lessons and messages provided in those nightmares that are sent to us from Seth. The Sethian dreamer will learn that all levels of reality appear to be more pliable in dreams, a nocturnal education that reveals to us the less obvious fluidity of the waking state as well. Such sorcery alone is only one part of Sethian gnosis.

Some readers of this article may hold the erroneous idea that Sethianism and the left-hand path are primarily concerned with the ego-driven seizing of control of all aspects of reality, an idea which is utterly unattainable and essentially stems from neurotic insecurity and fear. Therefore, I must add an important clarification.

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Lucid dreaming does not necessarily seek to control so much as to observe previously hidden aspects of the dream world with a heightened awareness. It should also be pointed out that the dreamworld offers the egolessness necessary for dramatic breakthroughs and personal revelations in one's practice often blocked in the waking state. As in meditation, the goal is active observation rather than passive observation: energized receptivity.

The control in lucid dreaming is based in the self -control and internal discipline that allows the initiate to experience the dream state more wakefully, rather than being a completely helpless bystander or passive spectator to the contents of the unconscious. The magician that rigidly strives for control rather than insight can easily miss one of the most important aspects of Sethian dream work: the opportunity to encounter and communicate with the external and transhuman intelligence of our god in His own kingdom of dreams, known as Seth-Amenteth.

When your dreams consistently foresee and even shape actual events in your waking state, this aspect of Sethian dreamwork will open your horizons to the flexible nature of reality considerably, an important stepping stone on the path to liberation. It is one of the bodily techniques that lead to acquiring the deathless wakefulness of the Eternal Seth. The exercises I will present in this project are designed to create building blocks which should ultimately form a complete structure for ongoing, multifaceted Sethian dreamwork.

As this will be the formal inauguration of the Seth-Amenteth project, it is important that the purpose of the first exercise is to exclusively focus on making ourselves accessible to encounters and communication with our Patron.